Located Southern Oregon, The Medford Gun Club has held countless competitions, from professional all the way to the local 4H club. From it’s inception to the present, the club’s goals have always been to inspire and promote good fellowship among those who shoot trap and skeet and to maintain a social, educational, and historical establishment for both members and the public alike.

Our facilities include 9 Trap Fields, 3 Skeet Fields, a Doubles Field, and Wobble Trap for use during business hours. We offer free rentals, classes, and instruction. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 541-772-7817 or just stop by!

We’re open on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 10am-2pm and on Wednesday from 5-9 for league members only.

Please check in at the front desk.

Our Board Members

Bob Dickenson

Bob Dickenson


Dave Gamble

Dave Gamble

Ron Managuerra

Ron Managuerra

Duane Sanders

Duane Sanders

Vice President

Ryan Costanti

Ryan Costanti

Daniel Joseph

Daniel Joseph


Robert Houk

Robert Houk

David Picanso

David Picanso


Jim Wapelhorst

Jim Wapelhorst

What You’ll Need

  • Ear and eye protection are mandatory
  • Something to carry shells in, either a container or vest
  • Shells no larger than 7.5 shot

All gear, appropriate ammo and shotguns are available at the club.

Our members would love to show you around, just check in at the front desk!


See you at the range!

What is Trap and Skeet Shooting?

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How Much Does it Cost?

Well-mannered dogs are always welcome at The Medford Gun Club!

Trap or Skeet

Non Members Members Under 18
$5 a round – 25 birds $3.50 a round $2.50 a round

Cash only. Memberships $40.00/year for Individuals or a family. Members are encouraged to volunteer.

Become a Member!

Over 160 families are proud to be Medford Gun Club members.

Members receive:

30% discount on rounds for trap and skeet • Discount on shoot cards

Ability to purchase components • Voting privileges

No Gun, No Problem!

We offer free shotgun rentals – just pay for birds and ammo! If you’re new to shooting, we also offer free instruction. Call us to find out more!

Medford Gun Club - Fun and Safe Shooting for the Whole Family

Here’s a brief summary of our rules and regulations. The Medford Gun Club is committed to making sure every person has an enjoyable, safe time out on the range.

No alcoholic beverages allowed.

Proper eye and ear protection shall be worn on the fields when anyone is shooting.

Loaded guns are not allowed on Club property except on the firing line or at the patterning board. No closed actions are allowed except on the firing line, at patterning board or when in gun racks

Guns must be unloaded before changing stations or shooter movement of any kind.


Read more about our safety requirements here.

Club Events

october, 2016

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29oct - 30All DayPITA Halloween

During competitive skeet events, trap shooting practice is available. During competitive trap events, usually no skeet shooting is available. Call for more information!


Annual Labor Day Weekend Money Trap Shoot is Coming Up!

Annual Labor Day Weekend Money Trap Shoot is Coming Up!

The Medford Gun Club invites you to join us on Labor Day weekend (September 3rd, 4th and 5th) for our money trapshoot. We will have 800 Registered Targets, 400 Singles, 300 Handicap, 100 Doubles The Club will be open at noon Friday, September 2nd for practice and...

Contact Us

1259 E. Vilas Rd.

(541) 772-7817

Open Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 10am-2pm. Open Wednesday from 5pm-8pm for league members only

Trap parking can be found at the east entrance of the facility and skeet parking is at the west entrance.

Interested in Shooting Pistols and Rifles?

Please call the Rifle and Pistol Club

Medford Gun Club